General information about lighting that we hope you will find useful
EMERGENCY LIGHTING:  Emergency lighting systems should be checked for proper working order on a monthly basis. Check to make sure all lamps are operating, check the back-up battery along with it's associated lamps. In some EXIT signs there are a separate set of lamps that come on only when the back-up battery is activated. Office ceiling fixtures (2x4's) usually have an LED indicator light to show that there is an emergency battery connected. In the same area there is usually a push button test switch. It's also a good idea to evaluate your emergency lighting system to be sure it's adequate.

LUMEN MAINTENANCE: Over time HPS, Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor and fluorescent lamps lose a significant percentage of their lumen (light) output, and should be replaced prior to burnout. By the time these lamps burn out they may have lost 50% or more of their initial lumen output. Lamps that may still continue to light after long periods of time - Mercury Vapor in particular which will "glow" for several years - are providing only a fraction of their initial light output while they are consuming the full amount of energy!. This large waste of energy can be avoided by replacing lamps in groups in a timely manner.

LENS CLEANING AND REPLACEMENT: When relamping HID fixtures with lenses you should also clean the lens so the maximum light can get through. Yellowed lenses on your 2 x 4 office fixtures should be replaced to increase light output as well as improving color rendition.

ENERGY SAVINGS: In many cases you can acheive a significant amount of energy savings while maintaining adequate light levels simply by switching to a more efficient type of lamp. For instance, using a 25w CFL in place of a standard 100w incandescent lamp will save 75% in energy while providing about the same amount of light.

Retrofitting offices doesen't have to be a large expense!. As your existing T12 lamps and ballasts become due for replacement, simply begin using new T8 electronic ballasts and lamps. Electronic ballasts are the same size as the magnetic, and T8 lamps use the same socket as the T12. In many cases you can also replace (2) 2-lamp T12 ballasts with a single 4-lamp T8 ballast.  Over time you will eventually have an upgraded lighting system, and begin to see the energy savings of T8 lamps as well as improved light quality.

Retrofitting from 400w Mercury Vapor or 400w Metal Halide Highbay fixtures to new T5/HO fluorescent Highbays can result in significant energy savings and improved long term lumen maintenance.

Call us for information about retrofitting with LED lamps. This new and exciting lamp type may be just what you need to achieve significant energy and money savings. LED is very new, and rapidly changing, so retrofitting should be taken on an a case by case basis.

LIGHT QUALITY: People generally buy the lowest priced lamp that will do the job. But, this also results in receiving the lowest quality of light!. Higher quality lamps cost more but also provide higher lumens and attain a higher CRI, so you see colors more as they should appear. This can reduce eyestrain for employees and may result in greater productivity. In any company where people work long hours, do close work such as parts assembly or looking at blueprints should consider using a higher quality of lamp. Higher quality lighting is a good investment for most any type of office. Low cost lamps have their place - in hallways, restrooms, storage areas, outdoor applications and other areas where people are not performing work

Retrofitting HPS highbay fixtures with a Metal Halide conversion lamp is a fast and simple solution to eliminating the dreary yellow/orange light of HPS and changing it to clean eyepleasing white light. These special lamps are designed specifically to operate on the existing HPS ballast, so the conversion is as simple as screwing in a new lamp!. Although the lumen output is lower, the increased quality of the light makes a large difference in the usable light you see. Conversion lamps cost more than a standard Metal Halide lamp, but is saves the cost of changing a ballast or replacing the entire fixture. This change can also result in greater productivity by reducing eyestrain on employees and by providing a workplace with a brighter appearance. (this is not an energy saving solution though)


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