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UNIVERSAL BALLAST (Magnetek) - Metal Halide Ballasts, HPS Ballasts, CFL Ballasts, Fluorescent Ballasts
ADVANCE  -  Fluorescent Ballasts  -  HID Ballasts  -  HID Electronic Ballasts 
WESTINGHOUSE - Call us @ 800-598-5267 for information on Westinghouse products.
TEXAS FLUORESCENTS - Troffers, Strip Fixtures, Indirect Light Fixtures, Wood Sided Surface Fixtures
SUNSET LIGHTING & FANS - Residential Light Fixtures, Decorative Lighting, Ceiling Fans
STONCO LIGHTING (Crescent) - T5 and T8 Fluorescent Highbays, HID Highbays,  Flood Fixtures, Wallpacks, canopy Fixtures,Vaportight Fixtures
VENTURE LIGHTING - Metal Halide Lamps and Ballasts, HPS to MH Conversion Lamps
SRB Technologies (Betalux) - Self-Illuminated (Tritium Gas) EXIT Signs, Emergency Lighting
ANP LIGHTING  -  Vanity, Gooseneck - RLM, Pendant, Decorative Poles, Bollards

USHIO  -  Metal Halide, HPS, HPS to MH Conversion Lamps, Halogen and Specialty lamps
VISIONAIRE LIGHTING  -  Area Lighting, Poles, Flood Lighting, Wall Fixtures, Bollards
ALP LIGHTING  -  Plastic Diffusers /  Lenses, etc. 
SLP Lighting - Plastic Diffusers, Parabolic Louvers, Molded Lenses, Vapor Tight Enclosures, Poly and Acrylic Globes
LITETRONICS -  Long Life Cold Cathode Fluorescent, Incandescent, Halogen, CFL, and Decorative lamps
LITHONIA - Fluorescent and HID Lighting
HALO - Track and Recessed Lighting (Cooper)
LUMARK (Cooper)- HID Flood, Wall Fixtures, Area Lighting, Dock Lights, Canopy Fixtures
METALUX (Cooper) - Fluorescent Troffers, Strips, Surface
ATLAS LIGHTING  -  Highbays, Lowbays, Wallpacks, Flood Fixtures, Poles
COLUMBIA - Fluorescent fixtures, Strips, Wraps, Troffers, Parabolics, waterproof, etc.

COOPER LIGHTING - Halo, Lumark, Metalux, Surelites, and other Cooper brands

CRESCENT LIGHTING - Fluorescent fixtures, Strips, Wraps, Troffers, Waterproof, Sign-Lights, EXIT,etc

DUAL-LITE - Exit Signs and Emergency lighting

CRYSTAL LIGHTING - Induction Lighting, Decorative Fixtures, Custom Lighting
SATCO PRODUCTS - Lightbulbs, Track Lighting, Residential Lighting, Lighting Parts and components
KIM LIGHTING (Hubbell) - Landscape Lighting, Flood Lighting, Building Facade Lighting, Architectural Lighting, In-Ground (Well) Fixtures, LED Lighting
ROBERTSON BALLAST - Magnetic and Electronic HID and Fluorescent Ballasts
SECURITY LIGHTING SYSTEMS (Hubbell) - Petroleum Lighting, Canopy Fixtures, Flood Fixtures, Area Lighting, Bollards, Wallpacks
WHITEWAY - Petroleum Lighting, Area Lighting, Canopy Fixtures, Flood Lighting, Wall Fixtures, Bollards
LSI INDUSTRIES - Petroleum Lighting - Flood, Wall Mount, Area, Fluorescent
VOSSLOH-SCHWABE - Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts
PRESCOLITE - Track Lighting, Recessed Lighting,  LED
FOCUS LANDSCAPE LIGHTING  - Landscape Light Fixtures, In-Ground Fixtures, Pathway Lighting and Sign Lighting
FSC LIGHTING - Vanity Fixtures, T5 / T8 Strip Fixtures, Ceiling Mount Fixtures, Wood Sided Fixtures, Pendant Mount Direct / Indirect Fixtures, Vaportite Fixtures
GE LIGHT BULBS - HID Lamps, Fluorescent Lamps, CFL Lamps, Halogen Lamps, Specialty Lamps
GE LIGHTING FIXTURES - Roadway, HID Highbay, Fluorescent Highbay, Flood Lighting, Sports Lighting
HUBBELL OUTDOOR LIGHTING - Flood Fixtures, Wall Fixtures, Roadway, Area Lighting, Bollards, LPS Fixtures, Poles
NORA LIGHTING - Track Lighting, Recessed Lighting, EXIT and Emergency Lighting
OSRAM-SYLVANIA - Fluorescent lamps, HID Lamps, Halogen Lamps, Specialty Lamps

PHILIPS - Fluorescent Lamp, HID Lamps, Halogen Lamps, Specialty Lamps

PRECISION-PARAGON (Hubbell) - Fluorescent Highbay Fixtures, Fluorescent Strip Fixtures. LED Light Fixtures, Specialty Lighting Fixtures, Custom Fixtures
JUNO - Track Lighting, Recessed Lighting

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FULHAM BALLAST - Work Horse, Ice Horse, etc.
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